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The two Cornerstones of Object-Oriented Programming

Posted by Marcus Wyatt on 12 August 2005

Coupling and Cohesion: The Two Cornerstones of OO Programming: “by Samudra Gupta

In this informative tutorial, you are introduced to code metrics that will help you measure how well your classes conform to the principles of Coupling and Cohesion.

For Cohesion, the “Lack of Cohesion in Methods” metric helps you understand and gauge how cohesive your class is and “Demeter’s Law” helps with Measuring Coupling between your classes.

I think if we can use these types of metrics to understand our code better and even try to incorporate them as part of our testing suite or productivity tools, we will make a huge improvement in building more flexible solution.

Like the author said:

“Make no mistake, these metrics are vital to measuring the quality of an application.”

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