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WSCF as part of the build process

Posted by Marcus Wyatt on 6 March 2006

Thinktecture has recently released version 0.6 of their new web service contract first add-in for Visual Studio 2005. For more information on what contract first SOA means for you as the developer, have a look at this nice introduction on thinktecture’s web site.

At the moment I’m working on a service oriented solution for a big retail chain (here is another post about some issues on the project) and one of the problems we face before we can get a continuous integration system going, is the ability to update web references as part of the build process.

WSCF offers a command line interface to the code generation engine (wscf.exe). All code generation can thus be included in your batch scripts and/or build process. The following screenshot shows all available options of wscf.exe.

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