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TeamLook – Combining Outlook 2003 and Team Foundation Server

Posted by Marcus Wyatt on 25 July 2006

I found this great Microsoft Outlook 2003 add-in developed by Personify Design to enable effective communication between team members while integrating with Team System at the same time. Here is some marketing guff:

Personify Design TeamLook™ extends Microsoft Outlook 2003 so that all stakeholders in a software project can communicate more effectively and gain accurate visibility into project status. TeamLook™ connects to Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server and enables users to view WorkItems, Reports, and other artifacts stored in their Visual Studio 2005 Team System installations. With constant synchronization TeamLook™ functions in a similar manner to other Microsoft Outlook features, reducing training costs and enabling organizations to realize immediate productivity gains.

Cool TeamLook™ Features

The possibility this application gives a development team to stream line their communication and task tracking process, just blew me away.

Here is a nice screen shot.

Create a workitem from an email; this is a really nice feature, because our project managers live in their inbox

For more information, check out their Discover TeamLook page. I’m finding Team System is becoming more useful as people are adding more value on top of the existing system. TeamLook is one such value add item I think you’ll struggle to live without.

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