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Source Formatting for Windows Live Writer

Posted by Marcus Wyatt on 26 August 2006

Everyone know what a pain it is to post source code to a blog and having the source code formatted correctly. Well, Norbert Eder at dotnet-blog created a source formatter plug-in for Windows live writer. It works great and all you need to do is download the plugin and copy it to the plugins-directory of your Windows Live Writer installation.

The plugin supports the following languages:

  • C#
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • MSH
  • Perl
  • T-SQL
  • Visual Basic

This is how some code appears on my blog: 

[ Initialize() ]
public void Setup()
  mock = new Mockery();
  persist = mock.NewMock( typeof( IPersistance ) ) as IPersistance;
  customer = new Customer( 123 );
public void Cleanup()
[ Specification() ]
public void ShouldLoadCustomer()
  object[] param = new object[] { 123 };
  Expect.Once.On( persist ).Method( "Load" ).WithAnyArguments().Will( Return.Value( customer ) );
  Customer expectedCustomer = persist.Load( 123 ) as Customer;
  Specify.That(expectedCustomer.Id).Must.Not.Be.Null("The Customer Id must not be null.");
  Specify.That(expectedCustomer.Id).Must.Equal(123, "The customer id's aren't equal");

You can find the download for the formatter here.

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One Response to “Source Formatting for Windows Live Writer”

  1. Jon Skeet said

    Personally I use my own formatter, which I’ve placed online for anyone interested:

    Some day I’ll open up the code (a modified version of Darren Niemke’s VB.NET code, converted to C#). If anyone interested could take a copy of the stylesheet rather than linking to my own copy, that would be handy 🙂


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