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Applied Test-Driven Development Video

Posted by Marcus Wyatt on 29 August 2006

Jean-Paul Boodhoo posted a tutorial video on his site where he walks you through writing a Simple Web Application Test-Driven. He utilizes Resharper 2.0, NUnit and Rhino Mocks in the demonstration. For anybody wanting to get into TDD, this video will definably help you grow your TDD skills.

You can download the video here and use Swiff Player to view the video.

It is interesting to watch him use all the cool Resharper features, but what I’ve found and is very apparent in the video, is the productivity gains you get from using the shortcut keys. Suddenly writing a DTO object takes only seconds, where typing the DTO by hand takes a while. If you want to learn the Resharper shortcuts, here you can find a pdf describing the default keymap of Resharper 2.0.

Personally I use NMock2 to mock my external dependencies. I like the syntax of NMock2. What you loose by using NMock2 is refactoring support in your expectations. This is due to NMock2 using strings to specify the method names. But I must say that Rhino Mock look interesting.

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