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Ruby on Rails testing links

Posted by Marcus Wyatt on 31 August 2006

Following is a few links to RoR Testing tutorials:

Not a bad introduction

In depth testing walk through. Long.

Another walk through. Not Rails. Long also.

ActiveTest. Looks interesting but not so interesting that I would use it.

Autotest (and Zentest). Very useful for hard core tdd.

Code coverage tool. This is a must and is dead easy. There is no reason why you shouldn’t use this.

Testing cheat sheet. Big list o’ asserts http://nubyonrails.com/articles/2006/08/24/ruby-rails-test-rails-cheat-sheet

Misc stuff…

Coloured test output

Several articles about ruby-prof on this blog http://on-ruby.blogspot.com/

Memory Leak Testing.

Kent Beck Podcast. Worth a listen.


3 Responses to “Ruby on Rails testing links”

  1. James Mead said

    Thanks for the links. You might like to take a look at Mocha which allows mocking and stubbing of concrete classes and instances as well as traditional mock object functionality.

  2. maruis said

    Hey, thanks James. I will give Mocha a run. It looks really interesting.

  3. Lusidvicel said

    Hello, i love exceptionz.wordpress.com! Let me in, please 🙂

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