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Some MSBuild Resources

Posted by Marcus Wyatt on 1 September 2006

Jeff Callahan – MSBuild Tester (rss)

MSBuild Reference on MSDN2

John Lam on MSBuild and in his newsletter (rss)

Robert Horvick on MSBuild (rss)

Jomo Fisher – MSBuild Developer (rss)

Mike Taulty:
MSBuild and Listing Tasks in VS.NET 2005 Beta 1, Getting Started with MSBuild

Jamie Cansdale on MSBuild (rss)

MSBuild Explorers Team WebLog (rss)

Alex Kipman – MSBuild PM (rss):
Differences between MSBuild and Ant, Targeting the 1.1 runtime with MSBuild, MSBuild and Monad

Christophe Nasarre on MSDN
Overview of MSBuild, Part 1: From a Project Author’s Perspective
Overview of MSBuild, Part 2: From the Task Author’s Perspective
Overview of MSBuild, Part 3: What Is the Limit to Extensibility?

GotDotNet User Sample: .NET Solution Build & Deployment Process & Tools
Update: There are lots of tasks for MSBuild 2.0 in here!

Klaus Aschenbrenner in Devx.com
Customize Your Builds in Visual Studio Using the Standalone MSBuild Tool

MSBuild 1.0 (from the PDC) Resources
MSBuild Documentation and Samples from the PDC
MSBuild Preview Quickstart Tutorials

MSBuild on MSDN TV
Visual Studio 2005: MSBuild Chat

A wiki with many more links:

MSBuild Wiki


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One Response to “Some MSBuild Resources”

  1. J Howard said

    A lot of links but many are bad or outdated as they do not make it easy to find information on MSBuild. It seems like these bloggers have moved on to other topics. For example, Jeff Callahan starts out by saying he will give a top level overview of MSBuild but then neglects to give any links where he does this.

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