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Inversion of Control tutorial

Posted by Marcus Wyatt on 2 May 2007

I’ve found these great tutorials on IoC written by Alex Henderson.

Part 1 – Simple configuration
Part 2 – Array Configuration
Part 3 – Dictionary configuration
Part 4 – Switching configurations
Part 5 – Configuration parameters
Part 6 – Switching between lifestyles
Part 7 – Switching implementations
Part 8 – Referencing implementations by key
Part 9 – Constructor Injection
Part 10 – Setter Injection
Part 11 – Factories
Part 12 – Decorators
Part 13 – Injecting Service Arrays
Part 14 – Startable Facility

Great job!

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One Response to “Inversion of Control tutorial”

  1. Glad you’ve liked the series so far… let me know if there is anything you’d like covered in the later parts of the series 🙂

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