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Visual Studio Vibrant Ink Scheme

Posted by Marcus Wyatt on 17 June 2007

I’ve always liked the Textmate Vibrant Ink theme and wanted to at some point change my Visual Studio scheme to simulate the Vibrant Ink theme. Today I’ve spend some time customizing the colors and here is the results:

Source Editor:


Html Editor:


CSS Editor:


NVelocity Editor:


I’m a great fan of ReSharper and as anybody that uses ReSharper knows, if you enable the Color Identifiers within ReSharper, it changes the identifier colors. With this scheme I’ve made sure that ReSharper uses the same colors. Thus making it ReSharper friendly…

Edit: Steven Romej has offered to host the download for the scheme. thanks dude.

You can find the Vibrant-Ink.vssettings file here.


8 Responses to “Visual Studio Vibrant Ink Scheme”

  1. Are you able to export the settings file for this colour scheme and post it on your blog?

    btw, did you see John Lam’s similar post: http://www.iunknown.com/2007/06/vibrant_ink_vis.html ?

  2. Yeah, I tried John Lam’s Vibrant Ink settings, but I found Resharper override many of the settings. Pity!
    I can’t host files on wordpress, but I’ll email the file to you.

  3. Steven said

    Can I get a copy of the color scheme also?

  4. Tim Haines said

    Interesting. Will give it a spin for a couple of days.

  5. Tim Haines said

    Having a few of the keywords (public, override, if, base) in read means the Resharper Error Handling no longer stands out. I adjusted that to bold black on red.

  6. Tim Haines said

    And switched it to the Proggy Clean Font. 🙂

  7. Web Design Directory…

    […]Visual Studio Vibrant Ink Scheme « exceptionz[…]…

  8. […] last week I stumbled upon this article about using the Textmate Vibrant Ink colours in the Visual Studio IDE. I admit, it takes a couple […]

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