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Can it be? Rails 2.0.0 Release

Posted by Marcus Wyatt on 8 December 2007

After I grabbed the latest version of the Rails source code from svn and I noticed the tag *2.0.0* (December 6th, 2007) in the CHANGELOG. Does this mean I have the official Rails 2.0 source? Maybe, let’s see what DHH announces over the next couple of days.

It would be totally awesome to get the Rails 2.0 official drop over the silly season. Nice down time to explore and get into the new features. Anyways, I think the official release must be very close…

Yeah, it’s released. Totally awesome!!! You can read more about it at DHH’s post and to get your grubby hands on Rails 2.0, just run gem install rails… Later dudes…

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