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TextMate command to annotate your current ActiveRecord Model with the DB Schema

Posted by Marcus Wyatt on 18 March 2008

Edit: If you can’t wait until the end, here is the download link.

Who hasn’t used the Annotate Models plugin written by Dave Thomas, of Rails Pragmatic Studio fame? If you haven’t don’t fret… The plugin basically adds a comment block to the top of all of your model classes documenting the current database schema for the given model. I like to have the info in my model files to make it a little easier to work with models.

Annotated Models Plugin

The rails bundle within TextMate gives you a ‘Show DB Schema for current class’ command you can press to show a tool tip with the database schema (Control + Shift + Command + S). This works great, but I find the command sequence to long and the slight wait to see the schema info breaks my rhythm.

Show DB Schema for Current Class

To solve the problem I made a copy of the source files used by the command and modified it slightly to output the info as comments at the top of the file. Now I have nicely annotated model files. This is a real time saver.

Annotated Models Bundles

The bundle also contain the the Beautify command. This command adds automatic code formatting capability for your ruby code. I found the beautify command from Tim Burks. Cheers Tim…

You can download the bundle here.

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