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About Me

Customer focused development, simple software, extensive experience.

Good software is small, and beautiful. You don’t need to break the bank to build your next web application, and then anxiously wait for that mythical completion day when the site is live and working as expected. But rather let’s work together to build your website.

What do I mean? Collaboration

Regular communication and customer involvement is vital to the success of the website. This not only keeps you, the customer up to date, but will also build a solid relationship and improve your confidence about the project.

The process by which I build a new site, is to build small, but functionally complete blocks of functionality. As the customer it allows you to see the website morph and grow. But more importantly, it allows us to find and fix problems early in the development process, or even change direction of where you want to take the site as market conditions change. And that ability to adapt to change is crucial to saving money.

If you are interested in my services as a rails web developer, get in touch and we can have a chat about your next great web 2.0 site.


8 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Maruis;

    Bly om te hoor jy is nog in die omtrek. Wereld is klein. Is opsoek na n nice treeview control wat amper enige iets kan doen in framework 1.1. Ek het n nice een geskryf vir framework twee maar sukkel met die 1.1 implikaseis.

    Man dinge gaan goed die kant. Hoe gaan dit met Charolette? Is julle nog in NZ? En is daar al enige pienk voeitjies?

    Ek is baie bly ek het jou weer gekry, ek het jou email address verloor toe ek weg is by kobie. Hy het my ook ingedoen. Maar nou ja.

    Hoop om te hoor.

    Lekker dag praat voor

    Raymen Boshoff

  2. Maruis;

    I like your ideas and thoughts and there is allot of content on this site that can help with the new technologies arriving. I am working for DigiCore and help develop on the communication software called C-Track, C-Track Secure and C-Track SOLO devices. It is extremely interesting.

    I have been to the DEV Days 2007 and heard that we as web developers must notch up the security around Ajax.

    What’s new in New Zeeland?

    Greetings Raymen Boshoff

  3. Cheers, thanks.
    It probably depends on what you are doing in Ajax (MS Ajax of course). The whole ASP.NET page life cycle is driving me mad. At the moment I’m working as a contractor on the team developing the sellmefree site. If you use a proper MVC web framework like Ruby On Rails or MonoRail the complexity reduces considerably. You do not have events and view state, which in my opinion is a good thing.
    At the moment I’m working on a tutorial series around MonoRail, which should be available in the next month or so. Keep an eye on Code Project!
    And yeah, New Zealand is great.

  4. Greg Olsen said

    Hey Maruis howz things?
    Great blog dude! Good to see you are still a strong developer out there in the community!
    My blog is here if you have a moment …

    Greg Olsen

    P.S. Happy New Years!

  5. 🙂

  6. zed said

    Hey Maruis,
    I was surfing the net looking for blogs related to development and I came by your blog.
    My name is Moran and I work for Typemock (www.typemock.com ).
    Since your Blog is development oriented I was wondering if you would be willing to review our product (A mocking framework for Unit Testing). Of course if you require a full license I will be happy to supply you with one for Free.

    Also please note the following:

    1) We are issuing a free Open Source license so Open Source developers will be able to use our product for free.

    2) We are releasing a new product called Typemock Racer – A tool to discover deadlocks in .NET code (Alpha version, free for use at least in the beginning).

    If you are not interested in the above, I thank you for your time and wish you all the best.

    Best Regards,

    Marketing Manager | Typemock

  7. Raymen Boshoff said

    kan ek jou nog hier kontak?

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