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Easily create strong passwords

Posted by Marcus Wyatt on 11 July 2008

Create strong passwords on the command line by typing

openssl rand -base64 6

and the output:

=> 050L+4Kx

Run the command again:

=> /sUIIy8s

Cool, now you should be able to create strong passwords quickly.


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Quick note: Ubuntu(gutsy) C compiler install and setup (glibc-devel)

Posted by Marcus Wyatt on 11 March 2008

UPDATE: Tim Haines notified me that you can install all the necessary tools with one command:

apt-get install build-essential

Thanks Tim, I’ve tried it on a clean VPS and it works a charm…

If you are busy setting up a new Ubuntu Linux server and you get the following error:

configure: error: no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH

when trying to run ./configure, then you need to install the gcc compiler (Yeah, I know… this is like a no brainer for you *nix guru’s).

Here is the command to install the gcc compiler on Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install gcc

But now you get the following error:

error: checking for C compiler default output file name

Most results on on google search point you glibc-devel as the solution. But, alas… apt-get will report the following message when you try to install glibc-devel:

Couldn’t find package glibc-devel

So what to do? The correct Ubuntu package that is similar to the glibc-devel is libc6-dev. Below is the command to install the Ubuntu package:

sudo apt-get install libc6-dev

Happy compiling and installing…

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Ruby, Rails, RSpec, JavaScript, Ubuntu, Mac OS X

Posted by Marcus Wyatt on 12 February 2008






Mac OS X

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