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Gems, gems, and more gems…

Posted by Marcus Wyatt on 20 February 2010

I’ve been working frantically at gemifying some plugins. I can’t unfortunately lay claim to have written these gems, but I needed to use them as gems with the new bundler system. So I created or forked the projects on github and used jeweler to gemify them

  • pgexplain – The Rails gem shows the output, in your application logs, of applying “Explain” or “Explain Analyze” to the select queries of your rails application using PostgreSQL.
  • railsonpg – This is timesaver for middle/large Rails application which use PostgreSQL as database. Create/drop Views, Functions, Triggers, Foreign keys in your migrations using ruby syntax.
  • swffu – swffu (pronounced “swif-fu”, bonus joke for french speakers) uses SWFObject 2.2 to embed swf objects in HTML and supports all its options. SWFObject 2 is such a nice library that Adobe now uses it as the official way to embed swf! SWFObject’s project can be found at http://code.google.com/p/swfobject swffu has been tested with rails v2.0 up to v3.0b and has decent test coverage so rake test:plugins should reveal any incompatibility. Comments and pull requests welcome: http://github.com/marcandre/swffu

The swffu plugin to gem conversion was the most work. Since the plugin used install.rb and uninstall.rb to add/remove some assets (javascripts, etc) to the rails application structure. I had to rethink how this functionality would be achieved. I decided to use rake tasks to accomplish the same functionality. The only trick is to add the require ‘swffu/tasks’ to the Rakefile.

So enjoy these new gems!


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